Thank you letter

Dear Nobles County Juror:

It is part of my job to take cases to trial, but it is not part of your day-to-day job description to attend trials.  Still, we have a jury system, so it is your job to go to court when called to serve. Without you, the whole thing falls apart.

Everyone is busy these days with family, a job (or two), and the general business of living. Many people see being on a jury as nothing more than a huge imposition. And it is, of course: the pay is insultingly small; the work is demanding; the subject matter can be unpleasant, and the process is frustrating.  But luckily, people do serve, uncomplaining, on cases such as the one we just had in September in Nobles County.  To those jurors, and to every other juror that has ever sat on any case in Nobles County (regardless of the result), I say: thank you.

Thank you for being part of the difficult process of evaluating evidence. Thank you for paying attention. Thank you for caring about the result. Thank you for your patience during a process about which you have perhaps limited understanding and over which you have no control (until the end, when all the control is yours).  Thank you for listening to and looking at things that no one really wants to know about,  and thank you for being a witness to someone else’s distress.

It isn’t easy. But we are grateful, and we all benefit by your service. Not just the people involved in the case you saw, but all of us, because our jury system continues to exist and to work.  Again, thanks.