After the storm

Some of this information you may already have gotten from other sources:

Sheriff Kent Wilkening is the Public Information Officer. That means that Kent is going to be the source of accurate information. We know there rumors going around, and want people to know that he is the source of correct information.  If we hear information that is questionable, we should let him know so he can nip rumors in the bud.

Groups or individuals in the community who are interested in volunteering to help with the clean-up effort are asked to contact the Nobles County Emergency Operation Center at 507-295-5359. Joann Bartosh with Nobles County R.S.V.P. will be coordinating volunteers for the relief effort. If groups and individuals register through the EOC we can track volunteer hours. Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes, bring their own gloves if possible, and dress appropriately for the weather.

Anyone physically unable to move debris to the boulevard for pick-up, or anyone who knows someone who needs that kind of help, please contact the EOC so that any available volunteers can be put to work. The EOC will continue to communicate with community officials throughout Nobles County, but any city officials in Nobles County who are aware of individuals in their community who may be in need of assistance should also contact the EOC.

Nobles County Engineer Steve Schneider is the debris coordinator.

Beware of scams. With an emergency situation, a lot of people are generous with their help, but there are also people who will show up and try to take advantage of the situation. If someone shows up and wants you to hire them to clean up you property and haul stuff away, be cautious. It is ok to ask for credentials. Worthington does require transient licensing. I don’t believe licensing is required out in the county, and am not sure what other cities in Nobles County require in terms of licensing.   Make sure you know what documentation your insurance company will want. Make sure that you know what your insurance company will cover. If someone wants payment in cash, in advance and says they will come back at a later date to do the work, you run the risk of paying for a service that will not occur.

Submit your damages to your insurance company for personal property damage. As of now it is unknown what programs if any will be available to help people out with the personal costs people incurred as a result of the storm.  It won’t hurt to keep records, but there is no assurance that there will be money for individual losses.

Finally, with generators going on and off, food safety is an issue, and we urge people to check out the extension website here about how long food can be kept when the power has gone off.

Here is another site on trees and shrubs after an ice storm.